As Rural IT Specialists, AgCloud is acutely aware of the different challenges farmers face getting good IT support in the country.

Like you, AgCloud has many years experience in dealing with the poor connectivity, eye-watering travel costs, unreliable power and extreme temperatures we face on a regular basis. take in our stride to get the job done. While politicians pay lip service to our collective needs, we take these elements in our stride and get the job done.

We understand the importance of farm operations and deploy solutions designed to work in Australian conditions.

PC, Macintosh, Workstation and Server IT Support

We provide desktop, laptop and server IT support for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.
This support can be provided either onsite, or remotely using remote access software.
We can even setup your Chrome-cast too.

Cloud Servers, Websites and Accounting

Moving your operations to the cloud is tricky business in country areas. While it reduces your dependency on the home PC, if your Internet is slow or unreliable you can be isolated from the critical systems you need to do business.
AgCloud works closely with our customers to determine the best balance of on-farm and in-cloud services to provide fast, reliable and secure access to your data and systems.

On-Farm and Cloud Backup

Anybody who’s worked in a home office will tell you: given enough time, it’s not a question of if your computer will die, it’s a question of when.
When that day arrives, you want to be sure your data is protected, and know that you’ve got somebody you can call to get you back up and running quickly.
Depending on your requirements, AgCloud will set you up with a physical backup solution, or a set and forget cloud backup to keep you covered.

Desktop, Laptop and Server Equipment Sales

AgCloud has partnerships with all major hardware vendors to provide you with the best value for money Desktop, Laptop or network Server to meet your requirements.

Virus protection and removal

Viruses, trojans, and spyware are more aggressive and sophisticated now than ever before. Fortunately, AgCloud has the skills and experience necessary to protect your systems and networks from costly infections that have the ability to compromise your data, expose trade secrets, and decrease productivity.
If your systems have been compromised, our experienced technicians will safely protect your data and eliminate all infections. We will also try to determine if information has been compromised and help take measures to isolate and minimise the potential damage. We will then put in place systems and software to protect against future attacks.
(Please note that while we will do our absolute best to preserve your system and application environment, it is sometimes necessary to rebuild the system from scratch to ensure that your system will not become re-infected. In this circumstance, most of your application settings can be preserved but software will often need to be re-installed.)

Preventative maintenance and network audits

Just like your car, by having an IT professional undertake preventative on your critical business PC’s and servers you can avoid expensive repairs and lost productivity during downtime by fixing problems before they impact your operations. AgCloud have a standard methodology for routine desktop, laptop and server maintenance to identify symptoms which often lead to hardware failure or data loss.

Our network audit service can optimise your network environment, instantly uncovering capacity bottlenecks, security weaknesses, obsolete devices or topologies that drain network capacity. We can also help you refresh your network services, whilst also “sweating” existing investments.


An AgCloud audit will ensure that your network:

  • is suitable for your business needs today;
  • improves rather than inhibits business performance and staff productivity;
  • scales securely, to allow for future growth;
  • investments are optimised for your business.

The benefits:

  • Reduce costs – quickly identify overspending or potential cost savings on your network
  • Increase your ROI – extending the life and use of your existing investments
  • Optimise your network – enhancing application performance and staff productivity
  • Improve security – proactive, preventative measures to combat security threats
  • Scale efficiently – designing a network that’s flexible and robust for future requirements
  • Spend wisely – helping you plan for the future, making the right investments at the right time.

Network Devices, Embedded Systems, SCADA and PLC

AgCloud IT Services extend beyond computers. We are farm technology specialists and have knowledge in many vendor systems including Cisco, Microtik, Ubiquity Networks, Linux, OpenWRT, SCADA, PLC and Android systems. Talk to us about your specific requirements today.