A Skymuster zoned homestead despite NBN coverage on the property.

Have you been zoned for Skymuster because your house falls just outside the NBN Fixed Wireless coverage map?

Can your neighbours on the other side of the hill / ridge get NBN, but you missed out?

Do you have a shed inside the coverage map, but no way to get power to the shed; or signal back to your house?

AgCloud have worked with NBN Co since 2015 to install Solar Powered Fixed Wireless NBN receivers on rural properties that would otherwise be forced to use SkyMuster. We are experts at working within the strict rules of NBN, and have relationships with many industry partners to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

NBN Fixed Wireless Official Non-Standard Installation

Currently, if your house falls outside of the NBN Fixed Wireless footprint, NBN have an official process for a ‘non-standard’ installation. This is used if your less than 100 meters from an acceptable NBN Wireless Signal, and involves digging a trench, and installing the NBN equipment on a pole, which is cabled back to your house.

More information about a NBN ‘standard’ Non-Standard Installation can be found here

However, as many regional and rural Australians know:

  • 100 meters is not a long way,
  • and trenching is often very risky and very expensive.

If you’ve been told by NBN Co, your ISP, and your local IT firm that “it’s impossible”, and your only option is Skymuster. It might just pay you to give AgCloud a call.

AgCloud’s NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation Process

If your NBN Fixed Wireless coverage is further than 100 meters from your house, or trenching is not an option, AgCloud’s off-grid wireless connected NBN Wireless Receiver is your solution.

Our solution allows you to receive the NBN Fixed Wireless signal at a NBN-approved location; use point-to-point Wireless to connect back to your home; and remotely diagnose and resolve any issues without leaving the house.

Following is the technical detail of our installation process, which AgCloud will manage for you. If you meet any of the criteria above, please call us, and we’ll take care of everything.

Finding a Suitable Location
(aka. Pre-qualification)

The first step to getting access to the NBN if you’ve been zoned for SkyMuster, is to find a location which meets the criteria for NBN Fixed Wireless.

To be eligible for NBN Fixed wireless, you must have a location that meets the following criteria:

  • Be within 14km as the crow flies from the nearest NBN Fixed Wireless Tower
  • Have unobstructed line-of-site clearance to the NBN Fixed Wireless Tower (ie. Your antenna must be able to ‘see’ the NBN tower’s Antenna)

To ascertain if you have a site that matches this criteria, either:

  1. Send us an email at info@agcloud.com.au or give us a call and AgCloud can conduct this desk-check for you for a small fee .
  2. Follow the BIRR desk-check process here: https://birrraus.com/nbn-fixed-wireless/how-to-do-a-desk-check/
    • Note: Please first check all existing structures (powered or unpowered) for service, then check hills on your property, or nearby sites you have access to (eg. neighbouring properties of friends).

Pre-Existing Structures

An AgCloud powered equipment shed

At the time of writing, NBN Co specify that they will not install NBN onto any “non-standard structure”, and that they must have access to a 240v power point where the equipment is to be installed.

If you have an existing shed or building that meets the above criteria, the rest of the process is very straightforward and simple and you can skip this step.

If you have an unpowered “standard structure”, AgCloud provide a range of Solar Power, Wireless Backhaul solutions so you can provide power for networking equipment in your otherwise unpowered site.

If you do not (yet) have a structure inside the coverage map, AgCloud can help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning on engaging AgCloud for your installation, or are purchasing AgCloud Solar equipment to complete your installation; please call us first. We have a specific internal process to maximise the chances of success, and minimise financial costs in the case of service delivery failures.

Ordering and Installation

Once you have conducted a desk check, and established a “standard” structure inside the NBN Fixed Wireless Coverage map, AgCloud organises for the necessary NBN identifiers to be created to recognise it as a suitable NBN delivery point. Once this has been completed, you can order your new NBN Internet service from any Retail Internet Service Provider of your choice.

Once your order has been lodged with NBN, AgCloud will work with your local NBN contractor to ensure that installation goes smoothly. We will install our equipment to ensure they have everything necessary to handover service, then we will connect it with point-to-point wireless to your house.

AgCloud use specialised Wireless equipment for this purpose which is capable of line-of-site connections anywhere up to and beyond 20km in length.

Troubleshooting Internet Faults

It’s cold, dark and raining, and your Internet just stopped working.
Is it an NBN outage? Has the battery on the hill gone flat? Or is it the wireless connection back to the house?

With a other solutions, this would require a cold, wet trip to the NBN repeater station with a laptop to solve.

AgCloud have worked closely with NBN Co, Wireless ISP’s and Rural Internet Service Providers to develop a remotely managed Power and Network board that allows you to diagnose Internet issues from the comfort of your own home.

AgCloud equipment proactively monitors the critical environmental and technical aspects of your installation to allow you to respond to issues before they affect service, and to remotely diagnose any Internet connectivity problems, and perform the common troubleshooting steps to restore connectivity without visiting your site.

This solution allows you to quickly and easily determine if your fault is due to the local radio network, due to an environmental issue (Eg. Lack of Solar charge, Lack of battery storage capacity, Temperature or water) or due to an NBN or Internet Service provider fault.

AgCloud’s solution is the only one on the market which was specifically designed for NBN Fixed-Wireless installations and assists you in restoring common problems with a simple, easy to use, user interface.

We can also provide a remote management service, where AgCloud proactively undertake network maintenance and contact you directly in the event of an outage, after undertaking remote diagnosis, troubleshooting and recovery.

By including a managed network router in your NBN station, AgCloud can facilitate advanced routing features such as 3G/4G failover of your Internet service (so you can still access the Internet even if your NBN is offline), and advanced firewall rules and site-to-site private networking (SD-WAN).

In the event that it is an NBN or Internet Service Provider fault, you can restart your Wireless NTD, restart your NBN Modem and (optionally) view the NBN NTD status lights remotely. It is also capable of enhanced network functions such as 4G failover or selective load-shedding to increase battery life in Winter.