Item Price including GST and typical Installation
AgCloud Tag Starter Kit $3,300.00
Includes two AgCloud Vehicle Detection Tags and one Base Station. Base Station must be connected to a wired Internet connection. Includes $50 of SMS credits.
Additional AgCloud Tag $220.00
Additional AgCloud Tags are preconfigured and sent to the end-customer for self-installation. LoRa connectivity requires Line of Site visibility from the tag to the base station.
Grid-Powered HD IP Camera $1,050.00
Includes a 1080p HD Video Camera and Point to Point WiFi Bridge.
Onsite IP DVR $1,599.00
2TB Recording capacity, supports 8 cameras
Solar Powered IP Camera Station (50w Solar, 26Ah Battery, WiFi, LoRa) $3,300.00
The Tag Operated Camera Station is a solar powered station capable of facilitating high definition IP Cameras and includes a WiFi Access Point and LoRa Receiver. This station is not designed to run cameras 24/7, cameras can be run constantly during daylight hours and for short periods at night when triggered by an AgCloud IoT sensor. Installation estimate includes mounting of pole in ground and commissioning of all equipment on the structure. This is capable of support a Standalone Tag Base Station if purchased with the extended run pack.