The AgCloud Farm monitoring system utilises high-resolution environmental sensors to detect when people access your farm. These sensors (“tags”) can be covertly mounted on gate posts, or buried in driveways, tracks and earthen footpaths to report on any unexpected activity.

These sensors can then be configured to send SMS or Email alerts, or activate lights, cameras or other equipment on your property. Pre-defined schedules are setup to silence alerts at times or days when activity is expected; allowing you to be alerted only when relevant, and in turn allowing you to respond to unauthorised entry events immediately. (Rather than typical camera monitoring systems which are only used to review footage hours after an event)

To permit long-range communications, AgCloud can supply this kit with one sensor tag and one repeater tag. A relay tag is mounted nearby to your buried sensor and can transmit the signal up to 8km to your base station. Additional tags can be purchased so that all common entry points to your farm are covered.

If this system is purchased in conjunction with the AgCloud Solar-powered Camera station, events detected by the tags can be used to trigger recording of IP Cameras or LED floodlights after dark.


Starter Kit with one sensor tag, one relay tag and one base station:           $1,100 inc GST
Starter Kit with two sensor tags and one base station:                                     $1,100 inc GST

Pricing includes postage anywhere inside Australia, and remote support to setup the sensors and configure email, SMS and (if purchased in conjunction with a solar powered IP Camera station) Light or Camera activation events.

System Overview