The AgCloud Grid Powered IP Camera system provides all necessary equipment to locate a camera on any position on the farm that has a 240volt power supply and that can be linked via line of sight to a receiver to provide high-definition views of access roads, water troughs or any other required camera views.

The kit includes one HD camera (1) and two pre-configured directional radios to link it to your existing Internet Connection. The camera system is typically mounted near access roads to monitor for unauthorised vehicle or trespass and integrates with the ‘AgCloud Tag Starter Kit’ so that if a vehicle passes over a track sensor, an SMS is received by the farmer who can then log into the camera to live view the unauthorised vehicle and take appropriate action.

The camera system is versatile and may be installed to monitor livestock water troughs with scheduled short recordings that can be remotely viewed to ensure clean and adequate water for livestock. Cameras may also be triggered manually on or off when used in conjunction with the ‘AgCloud Tag Starter Kit’.

AgCloud camera systems operate via a high-speed point to point radio system which requires a direct line of sight between the camera and the receiver radio (located at the internet access location). If line of sight back to the internet source is not possible, 4G alternatives may be used to provide remote access with some additional annual costs.

AgCloud System



AgCloud Grid Powered Camera Kit (includes 2x Point to Point Radios and a Camera): $549.95 (inc GST)

Installation of this item typically costs:    $550.00 (inc GST).