In addition to the remote management of Off-Grid Wireless Stations, AgCloud can manage your entire data network. Extending upon the station remote monitoring, we can provide proactive remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair of issues and management of network upgrades and changes.

With AgCloud Remote Management you can focus on your core business without the worry about Internet or Network connectivity. AgCloud remote support is a proactive service whereby we will monitor your remote station on your behalf and remotely diagnose any issues which may arise. Where possible, AgCloud will remotely repair any realised or potential issues. We have 24/7 monitoring and alerting in place for your stations which will alert our staff to changes in key metrics which mean we can often solve any potential problems before they impact your network connectivity.


Managed Routers, Switches, Internet and Wireless Access Points

Every AgCloud Station is deployed with a current-generation network router with inbuilt QoS, Firewalling, Port-Forwarding, Routing and DHCP capabilities. AgCloud can provide this as-a-service to you, providing full network gateway functionality for your computers and devices. As with all services, we provide remote monitoring, and can alert you via email or SMS of critical events.

In addition to our standard router management, AgCloud can raise faults with your Internet Service Provider on your behalf, saving you the time and energy of working with ISP’s and NBN Co to have your Internet service fixed.

We can also provide in-door WiFi access points and wireless networks to your local users, enabling smartphones and laptop computer to access the Internet via your NBN connection. This is especially useful for people who are on the fringe of mobile telephone reception, as most handsets now support Mobile Calling over WiFi – seamlessly extending your in-building mobile telephone coverage.


NBN with 4G Failover

While the NBN has delivered fast and relatively cheap Internet to many Australians, all reasonably priced services in country areas are technically only classed by NBN Co as ‘consumer grade’. Many subscribers experience years without service interruption, but if your business relies on the Internet, it is prudent to plan for failure.

AgCloud can offer a fully managed, reliable Internet service by adding a 4G failover service to your AgCloud managed router. Unlike most providers, we proactively monitor this secondary connection so you can rest assured that it will work when needed.

(service availability depends on 4G coverage in your area)

Floating Static IP Service

One of the fundamental imitations of 4G services and network failover services (eg. NBN primary link with 4G backup) is that your IP address (your unique address on the Internet) changes when you use 4G. This means if you are running services on your premises which are accessed remotely (like IP Cameras, remote network users or IT servers), they don’t work when you’re using 4G.

AgCloud can provide a service which solves this problem by issuing an IP address which remains the same no matter how you are connected to the Internet. This gives AgCloud subscribers the ability to run IP Security cameras on any provider’s 4G service, or have their corporate servers and services avalible to remote workers even when during an NBN failure.


Remote access network users and Site to Site VPN Tunneling

If you need secure, remote access to your corporate network from off-site; either for home-users or at another Internet connected site, AgCloud can help. We can configure your Internet gateway router to become a VPN server, allowing you and your staff to access your local network, servers and IP cameras from anywhere in the world using their username and password.