AgCloud have developed a range of on-farm sensors and devices which can be used to detect and respond to activity in remote farm areas.

By monitoring gates, doors, driveways and tracks, fences and livestock for unusual movement we can activate remote video cameras to record events, activate lights to illuminate your path and send alerts to your phone advising you of any unusual activity.


AgCloud IoT sensors are either battery-powered or solar-powered, and can be placed up to 20km from their base station. AgCloud will assist you with design of your sensor network to ensure both connectivity and that your specified events (eg. door opening or vehicle entry) are detected.

Once installed, AgCloud sensors are designed to operate for years at a time without needing to be maintained, inspected or manually recharged. They can be mounted to fences, gates, door frames or even buried under vehicle tracks to detect entry/exit.

AgCloud Sensors are designed with the Australian Outback in mind. They are rugged and waterproof, and can withstand Australian temperatures (-10 to 65 degrees).

Sensors are designed to proactively alert you of any system failure. You will be notified if a sensor fails to respond, runs low on charge or suffers physical damage. There is no requirement for routine inspection to ensure operation.

Vehicle Detection

Self-contained wireless detection devices are installed under vehicle tracks, which detect any Car, Truck, Tractor or ATV movement on the track. These units are sealed from dust and water, powered by industrial long-life batteries and proactively tell you when they need attention.

Gate Detection

AgCloud gate sensors are hidden under or near a farm gate and can detect whenever the gate is opened.

Door Detection

AgCloud Door sensors can be mounted with Garage or shed doors, domestic doors, or livestock doors to detect excessive movement or if the door is opened.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Sensor Lights and PIR activated Cameras are a cheap and simple solution if you only need to activate lights and cameras when something moves close by, but what if you want lights to turn on at a shed when somebody drives into the driveway 1km away?

This is where an AgCloud system shines. After you’ve setup your sensor network at the farm perimeter, you can then setup your ‘actor network’ to respond to perimeter events.

Floodlights or Internal lights on infrastructure and sheds can be set to automatically turn on for a pre-defined period of time after any sensor event.

Solar-powered camera stations can ‘wake up’ and begin recording video in critical areas; Solar-powered flood-lights can be activated for OH&S or monitoring purposes. This can all then automatically shut-down to preserve batteries once the threat has ceased.

Advanced schedules can be setup to control all of the above, or used to send SMS or Email alerts if a sensor is triggered at an unexpected time.