AgCloud are the technology specialists for Australian agriculture and rural and remote farms.

We understand the challenges facing farmers and owners of farms and provide solutions which have been designed from the ground up to survive the harsh, remote environments of the Australian countryside.

Our products and services enable the primary industry sector to have greater visibility of their whole farm, provide connectivity to all corners of the property, and deliver proactive alerts of critical events which, left unattended, would results in loss of revenue, time and productivity.

AgCloud are a team of professionals who thrive on new challenges of innovation and design in the Agricultural field – but we don’t develop technology for the sake of technology – we provide farmers with robust, practical solutions to the real problems allowing them to focus on core business.



IT Support

AgCloud provide both onsite and remote IT support to farmers. We are specialists in overcoming the challenges of running farming IT systems in remote areas, and are acutely aware of the fact that solutions designed in Sydney often scale down to Stanhope.

We are experienced in working with long distances, harsh environments and poor public connectivity.

We understand the importance of farm operations and deploy solutions designed to work will online and offline.


AgCloud specialise in solar and wind powered wireless networks and NBN extension networks to provide internet connectivity to all corners of your property, without extensive trenching or cabling.

If your neighbours have ‘real’ NBN access but you’ve been banished to poverty of SkyMuster, we can help.

We have developed a smart controlled, solar powered, internet repeater network providing the foundation required for your evolution into a SMART farm.


Do you wish you could see your farm remotely?

Using industry-leading technology, AgCloud gives you the ‘eyes and ears’ that you need to rest assured your most expensive assets are visible.

Be it livestock or machinery, waterways or roads, sheds or stables we’ve got you covered. Our IP Vision systems keep you in the loop.